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Our team is focused on making access to apps simple, fast, flexible, and evergreen so that you can focus on what you do best.

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Simple, fast, flexible, and evergreen. That’s how access to apps and data should be. In the past, the anchored operating system was the main place that applications ran - but today, the new standard is the web browser. While web apps are everywhere, the world still runs on a vast array of installed applications. That’s why Frame enables you to “run any software in a browser” so you can free your apps and desktops to run on any device, anywhere.

Founded in 2012, Frame started with a vision of enabling any application to run in a browser from the cloud, no matter how powerful or graphically intensive. Our first customers included the world’s leading software companies such as Adobe and Autodesk, who wanted to deliver their rich graphics applications as web apps. Their customers and many more soon followed suit and we began serving a wide range of use cases from mid-sized businesses to large enterprises to educational organizations world-wide.

VentureBeat article from 2013 with Adobe Photoshop running from the browser via Frame.

In 2018, Frame joined Nutanix and soon after we added the ability to run applications and desktops not just from public clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud but also in customers’ own private clouds with Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure. Today, our customers enjoy the freedom to host their apps and desktops in multi- and hybrid-cloud configurations throughout the world.

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Frame adds support for Nutanix AOS & AHV in May 2019.

Our novel approach to application and desktop delivery eventually came to be known as a new market category called “Desktop-as-a-Service” or “DaaS” and we’re honored to be one of its earliest pioneers. Today DaaS is a $2.5+ billion market with strong growth and a range of players from traditional VDI vendors to cloud infrastructure providers.

Frame stands apart from other solutions with our continued focus on being simple, fast, flexible and evergreen.

Our customers appreciate the importance of a solution that is simple to operate and really fast to implement. See what our customers think by checking out our Case Studies.

Frame has been recognized as a Major Player by IDC in their DaaS Marketscape and covered by Gartner in their DaaS Market Guide as well. But most importantly, our customers and partners alike recognize how flexible we are in supporting a broad ecosystem of technologies that make Frame easily fit into existing environments. Rather than attempt to lock-in customers with a single-vendor solution, our open approach preserves customer choice. For example, our flexibility extends to our partnerships that include:

See our Partners and Blog for even more examples of our partnerships and technology integrations.

Lastly, Frame is an evergreen as-a-service solution. Our platform is fully hosted and managed by us and is a modern multi-tenant cloud service, unlike many other legacy solutions. That means you don’t have to manage your own separate broker or orchestration engine - we deliver that functionality as an integrated part of our cloud service that is continually updated and improving without you ever needing to manage platform upgrades. You’re also backed by our experienced team of customer service professionals and solution architects that are 100% dedicated to Frame.

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