Frame brings any software to the cloud. Instantly.

Click to try a live demo of Tableau Public, a free Windows app for data visualization.

(Tableau Public and all content on this website are provided on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis.)

How hard was it to get Tableau Public to run from the cloud?

With Frame, not hard at all...

Configuring Tableau Public to run on this page took less than 15 minutes, and didn't require any changes to the application.

Now anyone, anywhere can run it with a single click.

Even better, this works for any Windows app.

We previously ran large-scale public demos of Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Inventor, and Google Earth.

Now you can run your own apps on your own Frame system. Get started in under 10 minutes: sign up now!

Distribute software like it’s a YouTube video.

Remember how YouTube changed the world by adding embedded video to the Web? Frame does the same thing for any application. All it takes is a single line of code to embed a streaming application:

Why does this matter?

"The way that we’re going to ratchet up our species is to take the best and to spread it around to everybody."

Steve Jobs, 1995.

Powerful web platforms like Gmail, SalesForce, and PayPal changed the way we communicate, sell, and do business globally. Why stop there?

Our mission at Frame is to bring the best tools for design, engineering, and science to the Web and to spread them around -- it's our best chance to move the world forward.

Want to see your own apps in the cloud?

How does Frame perform on real world networks?


What is FRAME?

FRAME is the best way to run rich, interactive applications in the cloud and deliver them to anyone, anywhere.

Who needs it?

Anyone moving their applications from the desktop to the cloud.


Because deploying Windows applications to the cloud is difficult. We make it easy.