Key Benefits

Quickly and easily convert Windows apps to web apps

Frame’s browser-first and hybrid and multi-cloud approach enables software vendors to rapidly scale their Windows software on VMs running on-premises or in the public cloud and provision access to users via Frame from a web browser, just like a web app. However, since the VMs hosting the software is still running Windows, software vendors do not need to worry about the time, resources, and cost to re-develop their software.

Ensure your customers are always up-to-date on your software

By centralizing the management and delivery of software with Frame, software vendors can ensure their customers are all using the same version software to improve adoption, drive consistency, and reduce support calls. Frame can also be leveraged to streamline beta testing of new versions and features to accelerate your product development lifecycle.

Fully customize your user experience with our powerful APIs

Frame offers a comprehensive APIs that allows customers to completely customize the end-user experience so that users are not even aware they are using Frame. Check out for an example of what you can achieve with Frame.

Success Stories

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