Key Benefits

Secure access to corporate desktops, apps, and data from BYO devices.

A recent study* found that bring-your-own device (BYO) device programs are widely popular - with 83% of organizations surveyed saying they have already implemented a BYO policy of some kind. However, only 32% of those same organizations surveyed required employees to register their devices with IT to have security software installed. With Frame, customers can provide employees the flexibility of using BYO device to do their work, while ensuring sensitive apps and data are sandboxed on VMs that adheres to corporate security policies.

*Zippia. "26 Surprising BYOD Statistics [2022]: BYOD Trends In The Workplace" Oct. 17, 2022,

Deliver business-critical Windows apps to ChromeOS.

The biggest barrier to the adoption of ChromeOS and Chromebooks is the need for users to access Windows software. Even a single business-critical Windows app can quickly deter a rollout. Frame allows customers to virtualize and deliver those remaining Window apps as a Progressive Web App (PWA) or simply via Chrome browser to accelerate ChromeOS adoption.

Enable use of graphics-intensive software from thin clients without a GPU.

Frame supports a wide variety of NVIDIA and AMD-powered GPU and vGPU instances across our supported infrastructure platforms. Enable access to resource-intensive software such as AutoCAD, InDesign, SOLIDWORKS, and Unreal Engine from thin client devices.

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