Frame: Run any software in a browser

Frame uses the power of the cloud to let you work freely from anywhere.

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“Frame is the future of both software distribution and personal computing in the post-mobile era I’m going to call ubiquitous computing.”

Robert X. Cringely, forbes frame

What is Frame?

Free your desktop apps and let them run in the cloud.
Access them from your browser. No plugins required.

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A quick intro to Frame

If you’re looking for a cloud computer for yourself,  frame personal FRAME PERSONAL is hard to beat. Starting at under $10 a month, you’ll get your own personal cloud computer to install and run all your Windows apps from a single page, directly from your browser. Connect your Dropbox, Google Drive or Box, and free yourself from the desktop forever.

Part of a team?  frame business FRAME FOR BUSINESS lets you manage applications and users from a central Dashboard. When you install and publish a new version of software, it becomes instantly available to all of your team members. Plans start at $12.99 per user per month, with education plans also available.

frame platform FRAME PLATFORM is a solution for software vendors to deliver their desktop software as a web app. Give customers the ability to run your software from any device, regardless of how CPU- or GPU-intensive it is. Also, you can use Frame to let them try a demo directly from your website in one click.

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Your software in the cloud.
You are going to love it.


“Self-driving cars, virtual reality headsets, smart devices and heaven knows what is all fine and dandy. But then something like Frame shows up and reminds you just what the Internet is really capable of and where our focus should be.”

Chris Dickman, Founding Editor,

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